Welcome to Prometheus Publishing, Inc.

    Welcome to Prometheus Publishing, Inc.

    Don E. Peavy, Sr.

    Prometheus Publishing, Inc. (PPI) was founded on January 21, 2015 through the foresight and vision of Don E. Peavy, Sr. Mr. Peavy is a writer who has had published six books which did not make much money because the publishers refused to market the books in any type of meaningful way. He decided that the best way for him to retain editorial control over his work and also retain a larger share of the returns is to publish his own books as well as the books of others and to do so without the stigma of self-publishing and the costs and perils of vanity publishing. PPI will publish books that are unique and which may not be accepted by traditional publishers because they are too “experimental.” Click the following link for a message from our founder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sHtTAkEk_k

    PPI publishes books that represent creativity, knowledge, and improvement of human thinking and the human condition. Thus, the company will seek writings that defy convention and so-called “genre formulas,” in favor of experimental fiction and non-fiction. The goal is to insure that readers are entertained, challenged, and then motivated to do good. Click the following link for more information on tis innovative publishing company. https://gust.com/companies/prometheus-publishing-inc

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