Report to Bresilda: An Odyssey of Love

Harvest Leaves and Roses
Harvest Leaves and Roses
May 3, 2018
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Report to Bresilda: An Odyssey of Love


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Finally, someone has written the book of Love! In this soul searching, gut wrenching, heart tugging memoir, Peavy reviews his failed marriages and relationships and deconstructs them with all the precision of a skilled psycho-analyst. As he engages in this analysis, Peavy defines love and argues persuasively why so many common notions of love are misguided and shadows of true love rather than love itself. Most importantly, Peavy proposes that romantic love needs to be recaptured and allowed to reinvigorate marital relations. Caution: this fascinating work is not a journey through the world of pop psychology mumble jumble. This book allows us to hear what the walls of the heart would say if they could speak. In a very spiritual sense, the walls of Peavy’s heart speak and we are enthralled and captivated by what they have to say.

Peavy writes that love is a journey not a destination. Come aboard the love boat and take a journey to the shores of bliss. Along the way, you will become equipped with the skills to navigate the turbulent waters of relationships and marriage. You will learn to avoid the rocks against which so many ships of love have collided and been left adrift in the dark and cold waters of discontent. Readers all agree that the book flows nicely and compellingly and most read it in just a few settings. Get Report to Briselda today for 40% off the retail price. Start your journey today for just $16.09.

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