Prometheus Publishing, Inc. (PPI) was founded on January 21, 2015 through the foresight and vision of Don E. Peavy, Sr. Mr. Peavy is a writer who has had published six books which did not make much money because the publishers refused to market the books in any type of meaningful way. He decided that the best way for him to retain editorial control over his work and also retain a larger share of the returns is to publish his own books as well as the books of others and to do so without the stigma of self-publishing and the costs and perils of vanity publishing. PPI will publish books that are unique and which may not be accepted by traditional publishers because they are too “experimental.”

PPI publishes books that represent creativity, knowledge, and improvement of human thinking and the human condition. Prometheus is a god from Greek Mythology who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to humans. As a consequence, Prometheus received a most horrendous punishment from Zeus. Many scholars argue that fire represents knowledge and that is the path followed by PPI whose logo represents the firebird descended from the heavens.

While PPI will not blaspheme the gods, it seeks writings that defy convention and so-called “genre formulas,” in favor of experimental fiction and non-fiction. PPI wants its readers to be entertained, challenged, then motivated to do good.



Don E. Peavy, Sr.

Peavy teaches religious studies, philosophy, ethics, and administration of justice at the University of Phoenix. He practiced law in Fort Worth, Texas, before graduating from Brite Divinity School and pursuing a Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University. Peavy served as pastor of McCarty Memorial Christian Church in Los Angeles and is now a retired minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He is a prolific writer and the founder of Prometheus Publishing, Inc. as well as its chairperson and president.


Cherrie Green
Vice Chairperson

Cherrie Green, vice chairperson of the Board of Directors, was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She is a graduate of Eastern Hills High School and Texas Wesleyan University. She is married to Gerald Green and they are the proud parents of two children and two grandchildren. Cherrie and her husband are ordained ministers who love the Lord and who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Cherrie’s motto is: "If I Can Just Help Somebody Then My Living Will Not Be In Vain". Cherrie is the office manager with the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Texas in the Child Support Division. She supervises a large staff including several attorneys which she has now done for over 25 years. Anyone who can supervise attorneys for over 25 years knows a great deal about people and managing human resources.



Don E. Peavy, Jr.
Professional Chef

Don E. Peavy, Jr. is a professional chef who was a contestant on the B.B.C.'s "Chef Race." He also owns a catering business and has developed a line of pistachio products. He will advise on marketing, social media, and public relations.


Cheryl Bailey
Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Cheryl Bailey, treasurer of the Board of Directors, is a manager at a personnel services company and is working on her M.B.A. She will advise on personnel matters as well as management strategies, marketing, and social media.


Susan Peabody
Secretary of the Board of Directors

Susan Peabody, secretary of the Board of Directors, is an author, educator, counselor, and publisher who is retired from the University of California at Berkley School of Law. She has been helping people since 1982 when she first reached out to a friend. Susan specializes in the treatment of love addiction in addition to being a life coach. She continues to be a professional who likes to help people find their way toward a better life, especially when it comes to happy relationships. Her books can be found on her website:

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