1Is Prometheus a vanity press?
No. Prometheus Books, LLC. is an independent publisher which publishes books based on merit and marketability. Writers do not pay for our services.
2Why are there so few books listed for sale on your website?
Prometheus Books, LLC. was founded on January 21, 2015. To meet its financial forecasts, PBL is limiting its publishing schedule to five books during its first year, one of which will be published every two months.
3How can I get you to consider publishing a book I just finished writing?
Please click on “Submissions” in our menu bar above and follow the instructions there. We are happy to consider your manuscript.
4When I order a book, will you include a gift card?
Sorry, we will not have the capability to do that.
5Why do you ask for my email address?
We need your email address so we can keep you advised of the processing of your order and if we encounter any problems. We will also notify when your book or product is shipped.