August 22, 2020

“I Am American”: Deconstructing The Inner And External Demons Of Bruce Lee

By Don E Peavy Sr    The story of Bruce Lee offers insight into ways cinema shapes popular culture and how some Asians struggle for identity and […]
August 17, 2020

This Speech was given before poetry society on 26 September 1981.

There are a lot of good poets today. Unfortunately, there are no great ones. There are no Eliots, Pouds, Plaths, or Whitmans among us. The experiment of the San Francisco poets has failed. The violence of the Northern poets has waned, and the hope of the Southern poets has "Gone With the Wind."
April 8, 2020

When is a dog not a dog? Deconstructing Dr. Ben Carson’s comment about Refugees

When he was a Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, responding to mounting concerns over President Obama’s announced policy to take in refugees from Syria, justified his […]
May 3, 2018

Welcome to Prometheus Books, LLC.

Prometheus Books, LLC. (PBL) was founded on January 21, 2015 through the foresight and vision of Don E. Peavy, Sr. Mr. Peavy is a writer who […]